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How Your Dreams Come True

When you are ready to find your special Lab puppy, we suggest that you call as soon as you have made your decision. Kenya Labrador puppies are most often sold before they are born, so you'll want to make a deposit and be placed on our waiting list.

You are making both a delightful and serious commitment!

Waiting for the right Lab puppy to adopt is well worth an investment of your time. Your puppy will grow up quickly and spend a lifetime with you.

Take your time and adopt a high quality Lab puppy that develops into a lovely, strong, healthy dog who will offer you so much love and is a beauty to behold.

We never breed for volume sales, only for the best possible family companions. We plan every breeding carefully to bring out the best in the sire and dam; both are tested and certified for hereditary dysfunctional diseases.

We will be here to guide you in choosing your puppy, and to offer further advice and training tips.

Lab puppies for sale California
Southern California Lab puppies for sale
Some of our puppies featured in a commercial for Tennis Warehouse:

More Kenya Labradors puppy videos:

Lab puppies for sale California
Lab puppies for sale California

Kenya Labrador Puppies
are sold with AKC Limited Registration

AKC Limited Registration means that the dog is registered with the AKC, but no litters by that dog are eligible to be registered. However, the dog is completely eligible to be entered in any of the thousands of licensed or member events. These events include: Obedience, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility and Earthdog.
Click to read about AKC Limited Registration.

What We Don't Do:

Kenya Labradors does not ship puppies, and we do not sell puppies via the Internet or to pet dealers. You must be physically present to adopt a Lab puppy from us.

We also do not cross-breed Labs to make designer dogs, and we do not breed for so-called "rare" colors, like silver or white.

What We Do:

We breed amazing English-type Labradors according to AKC standards, and take great pride in doing that one thing well. Come and see for yourself.
You just might fall in love!